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Setting Up Remote Observing on the Remote Observing Station in Marsfield

The ATCA remote observing station (now Ara, which replaced Carina in late 2009) in Rm 23 has been set up for remote obsering. The neighbouring remote observing station in Rm 23 is Norma, which is available for Mopra remote observing.

You will need to obtain the following prior to remote observing:

  • Permission to remote observe. Use the Request for Remote Observing Form
  • The remobs password for the Ara (or Norma) workstation (from Marsfield computing staff)
  • The phone number of the Duty Astronomer room at the Narrabri lodge
  • For Mopra Observations, the current Mopra vnc password (talk to Balt)

To set Ara up

Login to ara as remobs

Answer yes (y) to open windows

For ATCA observations, follow the Guide to setting up Remote Observing with the ATCA

For Mopra observations, follow the Guide to setting up Remote Observing with Mopra

Some useful phone numbers

Emergency Services:
(fire, police, ambulance)
000 Additional 0 needed for an outside line
Marsfield Science Operations Centre
SOC "Astronomer" Desk02 9372 4482  
Remote Observing Rooms02 9372 4548 - ATCA
 02 9372 4748 - Parkes
 02 9372 4648 - Mopra
 02 9372 4322 - ASKAP
Non-PABX Phone:02 9876 2484
ATCA Observing
Duty Astronomer:02 6790 4077 
Observer:02 6790 4078 
Switch:02 6790 4000 
ATCA Control Room:02 6790 4033   and
 02 6790 4032 
Observer's Area:02 6790 4031 - near PMON rack
 02 6790 4048 - near Mopra corner
 02 6790 4022 - middle of observers area
Lodge:02 6790 4027 
Non-PABX Phone:02 6795 9274
Parkes Control Room02 6861 1755 
CSIRO National Call Centre1300 36 3400 


Original: Kate Brooks (9-Mar-2009)
Modified: Robin Wark (16-Mar-2009), Phil Edwards (29-Jan-2010)