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3. Conventions

In this manual we use some typographical conventions to help clarify the documentation.

  • Computer system names, e.g. xbones

  • Software packages, e.g. Miriad

  • Software program, e.g. caobs

  • Command example, e.g.

    $ df -h

  • Filename, e.g. output.txt

  • Program option, e.g. rfiflag

  • Parameter name, e.g. edge

  • Astronomy-related acronym, e.g. USB (upper sideband)

  • Non-astronomy-related acronym, e.g. USB (universal serial bus)

  • Placeholder for changeable parameter, e.g. ca0#

  • Optional parameter, e.g. [ca0#]

  • List of potential commands or parameters, e.g. disable|enable. These might also be wrapped in curly brackets, e.g. {ca0#|default}