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Data Quality Observations

The Australia Telescope Compact Array used to perform a test observation after each re-configuration. These observations were discontinued after a few years, when analysis showed that very few new problems were picked up by these observations. Three fields were observed: a strong calibrator at the field centre (generally 1934-638 or 0823-500), a field offset from the calibrator and a nominally blank field. Observations were done at the four ATCA observing bands. The total observing time is about 12 hours.

The observations were intended to check that there are no gross problems with the array and to monitor the long-term quality of the data produced by the array. A 12 hour observation of simple sources also allows a better understanding of the array performance to be developed. A final goal is form a deep image of the blank fields from the accumulated observations.

Statistics are gathered on closure phase of the calibrators, dynamic range of the images, and fraction of data flagged. The reduction of these data quality observations is automated.

Summaries of observations

Summaries of the data quality observations on the following dates are available:

Additional information

Original: Bob Sault (27-Oct-1995)
Modified: Mark Wieringa (01-Apr-1998)