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Australia Telescope Compact Array Users' Guide

The Australia Telescope Compact Array has a Users' Guide which contains information needed for observing with the Australia Telescope National Facility's Compact Array at Narrabri. The manual describes how to plan an observation and apply for time, as well as how to use the Telescope.

The Guide is available as PDF or PostScript files or on-line via our HTML version. The PostScript files are available in both plain and compressed formats (using the UNIX compress program), and also US letter formats.

HTML version

Here is the WWW readable, hypertext version of the Users' Guide. Just click below to access it:

Australia Telescope Compact Array Users Guide

PDF version

A4 paper format
atug.pdf, 6 MB, Portable Document Format

Coming soon!

US letter format
Postscript versions
Please report any problems with these files, or, indeed any other comments on the manuals to:

Original: Derek McKay (29-JAN-1996)
Modified: Jamie Stevens (10-JUL-2014)