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The interface between the observer and the telescope is the program caobs. Control information for caobs (positions, frequencies, scan lengths etc.) is provided by a schedule file which is generated by the CABBScheduler. Clicking on the link will start the scheduler in your browser (at least IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome supported). The CABBScheduler is integrated with the calibrator database and velocity calculator tools and lets you:
  • specify calibrators by typing part of the calibrator name
  • search for calibrators near your program source and view their characteristics
  • select sources from a personal catalog on your machine
  • calculate CABB zoom band channels from velocity, spectral line and date/time.
Schedules are saved to the /atca/sched area on xbones. You will need to be on the CSIRO network or have an ATNF unix account to access the tool and save your schedules to the observatory disks. If you have not yet arranged access, you can use the open access version which lets you save your schedule to your local disk only. Both versions require an internet connection when in use.
The CABBScheduler is updated from time to time, if you find the latest version above doesn't behave as expected, let us know and try the previous or old version. For testing purposes, the next version is available too.

If you need to upload mosaics to the observing machines, then you should now use the mosaic upload page found here. You will need an ATNF username and password to access this page.

More information

Special scheduling modes

Ancillary Files


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Original: Mark Wieringa (20-Apr-1998)
Modified: Mark Wieringa (11-Mar-2015)