About me

In the ATCA control room, 30kb

Greetings everybody and welcome to my homepage!

My name is Maxim Voronkov. I used to work at the Narrabri Observatory of the Australia Telescope National Facility. Now I am based at the headquarters down in Sydney, but keep this homepage at the present location. My research interests include interferometry theory and simulations of the Square Kilometre Array SKA (link outside CSIRO), a proposed next generation radiotelescope, as well as the physics of star formation and interstellar masers. Now I am working on a number of surveys of the Southern methanol maser sites and trying to understand the dynamic range limit in the wide-field of view regime, which occurs due to various effects traditionally ignored in interferometry. Besides, I am interested in computers and programming and have a great experience in the object-oriented design and C++ programming as well as in various aspects of the low-level programming.

My hobbies are flying aeroplanes, bushwalking and travelling.

Contact: Maxim.Voronkov (at csiro.au)


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